Revnio | Pricing
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Monthly Plan
Per Month
Pay Each Month
Daily Backups
Unlimited Content Feeds
Use Any Domain Name
Top-Rated Support
Training Webinar Videos
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Forever Plan
Pay Once - Never Again
Same Features As Monthly Plan
Great Value!
Unlimited Software Updates
Unlimited Security Updates
Lifetime Support
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Pricing FAQs

Can I sell my One-Time Pay Option website for a profit to someone else?

Yes. Many customers purchase the One-time pay option with the of selling their website for a profit. When you sell your site, you can transfer everything to the new owner. They enjoy all the same rights and benefits as the original purchaser.

Can I upgrade my existing account to a One-Time pay option?

Yes. Upgrading your plan to the One-Time pay option permanently eliminates all future payments to keep your website online with Revnio.

Can I change my domain name in the future?

Absolutely. You can change your domain name and website concept as many times as needed until you discover a concept that is best for you. This is a key benefit of the One-Time Pay Option, you can continue to try new ideas without any risks.

How many sites can I manage with 1 License?

Each plan is valid for 1 domain at a time. If you wish to launch a second domain, please contact us for additional discounts.